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Tripping through Indore

A recent weekend trip to Madhya Pradesh included taking in the sights of Indore, a city whose history is intrinsically linked to the Holkar dynasty & whose stamp is still evident in the ancient structures of the city. Here’s a photoblog that journeys through some of these buildings & one still- very relevant district: foodies’ paradise Chhappan Dukkan.

Rajwaada, the royal residence, with its imposing seven storey facade. The interior courtyard of the Rajwaada is at a much more human scale, bearing a similarity to the Hawa Mahal of Jaipur in that aspect.

Chhatris such as this dot the riverside of Indore city, which were Cenotaphs from the late 1800s memorializing Holkar rulers.

The royal Lal Bagh Palace -the interiors are done up in a rich combination of baroque, rococo & neoclassical styles, but unfortunately photography is not permitted.

The very popular ‘khau galli’ of Indore, Chhappan Dukkan (originally there were 56 shops on this street).

All photos © Amrita Ravimohan | Sahil Latheef | Ajay Nayak



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